The only mole present in the UK is Talpa Europaea (The European Mole).

Moles live off earthworms, grubs and insects. They have small eyes hidden in their fur. They are not completely blind, they can tell the difference between light and dark. They have excellent sense of smell. Ears are hidden under small flaps and their hearing is poor.


The average weight of an adult male is between 80-120 grams, whereas the average weight of a female is between 70-100 grams.

A female mole has one litter per year and has between 4-7 young. Breeding takes place from February to June. The young are fully mature at 5 weeks of age and live on average 2 to 5 years. Moles are solitary creatures, but not as solitary as people think as they are known to share main runs.

Despite moles living alone, if the conditions are good then you will find moles will live side by side and it’s not uncommon to catch several moles from a single area. They can move up to 18kg of earth per hour.